Handei tione! warns defeated Zanu PF MP as fellow G40 suspects win

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By Staff Reporter 

MUTASA South legislator Irene Zindi has vowed not accept her primary election defeat citing massive rigging and irregularities. 

Zindi lost to National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) board member Misheck Mugadza. 

The incumbent polled 163 against Mugadza’s 2,928 votes

Another contender Shelton Dumbura secured 184 votes. 739 voters were turned away while 48 ballot papers were spoilts. 

Zindi vowed to go down fighting.

“Yes, the generality of the people are disappointed,” she said on Facebook.

“Yes, I would like to accept a defeat but only when the whole process is fair, credible and transparent. Hendei tione!” 
Zindi said the primary elections were marred with many irregularities and rigging.

“For example, the ward leadership was coaxed to make sure that cell registers contained members of a particular contesting candidate favoured by local political gurus (while) supporters of other candidates not favoured to win the primary elections were turned away because their names did not appear on cell registers.

What’s wrong with Zanu PF?

“A whole ward with supposedly 50,000 people and only 362 people vote; what does that mean to party leadership?”

She said people were allowed to vote during the night without the consent of the candidates while some voters still cast their ballots even thought their names did not appear on cell registers.

“A ward from another constituency was allowed to vote in another constituency so as to make sure that a favoured candidate wins the primary elections?

“Voting until 1am! A wrong electoral college voting for Women`s Quota and Senate? 
“What has gone wrong in my party Zanu PF?

“Complaints were put forward to the Commissar running primary elections and no decision to correct the anomalies?

Zindi said she wrote twice to Ambassador Nsimbi but no corrective measures were taken. 

The legislator is perceived to be G40 member and was barracked over the issue at party meetings ahead of the primaries.

Grace Mugabe ally wins

However, other contestants also linked to G40 defied odds and triumphed in their respective polls.

In Buhera, Grace Mugabe ally and Central Committee member Saul Nzuma defeated former police spokesperson Oliver Mandipaka.

Ahead of the vote, the former national police spokesman had allegedly tried every trick in the book to undermine Nzumba. 

During the a Zanu PF provincial coordinating meeting to reveal the names of approved candidates for the primaries, Nzumba cried foul, accusing Mandipaka of withdrawing his CV during the selection process.

Nzuma was also dressed down at a meeting which was held at Chinyadza Township under Chief Makumbe in Buhera where he was labelled a G40 sell out by Mandipaka and his allies.

He was accused of being a side kick for deposed Minister of State Mandi Chimene and Grace Mugabe.

“Mandipaka has told me that I will not make it to the primaries. He wants to fix me, but I will appeal to national election commission,” Nzuma told the provincial executive members.

Meanwhile, in Buhera North legislator and one-time G40 enthusiast, Joseph Chinotimba sailed through uncontested.