Harare City Parking adamant on penalties, introduces grace period for motorists

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By Staff Reporter

UNDERFIRE City Parking has retained the US$132-dollar fine for clamped vehicles despite calls by the motorists to review downwards.

In a set of new measures to govern parking in and around the Central Business District (CBD), City Parking said it is now introducing a grace period for motorists to settle the required fee before being clamped.

The reprieve period for motorists will be between 30 minutes to one hour after parking.

City parking added that the grace period will also be extended to vehicles’ whose parking subscription has expired.

“Following consultations with key stakeholders concerning City Parking enforcement operations, the following changes shall be made effective the 10th of March, unpaid vehicles shall be clamped and fined $132.00 or equivalent after a 30-minute grace period.

“Paid vehicles shall be clamped and fined $132.00 or equivalent after an hour’s grace period from expiry. The level of the fine can only be reviewed through a budgetary process which the city council is looking into,” City Parking said.

The parking space monitors said they expect the changes to bring relief to the motoring public and increase compliance.

Recently Local government minister July Moyo appointed a team to investigate operations of the Harare City Council and its subsidiary company City Parking.

Moyo’s call came after council gave City Parking marshals authority to clamp and fine traffic offenders as a way to decongest the CBD.

In a letter written to the spatial planning and development department, Moyo said all the costs will be paid for by city council.

The issues that are being investigated are parking fees, average daily collection levels, shareholding structure between council and city parking, the role of municipal traffic police in parking, the relationship, if any, between police  Harare Traffic and city parking.

“As provided for in section 313 of the Urban Councils Act (Chapter 29: 15) and as read with ministry circulars regarding deployment of investigation teams, City of Harare will bear the costs of the investigation, which I expect you to complete within 10 (ten) working days, whereupon you shall compile a report of your findings for my consideration within five working day,” Moyo said.

Meanwhile drivers in the CBD have complained about how they were not able to pay their parking fees due to malfunctioning payment systems only to have their vehicles clamped and fined US$132.