Harare hookers jailed 7yrs for robbing foreigner and going on spending spree, including visit to Norton Sangoma; victim tortured for 12 hours

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By Court Reporter

THREE commercial sex workers have each been sentenced to seven years in jail for robbing a foreign national at gun-point in Harare’s Avenues area and going on a spending spree.

Chipo Nyamande, 23, Moleen Maodzwa, 25, and Chipo Dube, 23 will however, spend four years behind the bars after Harare magistrate Lucy Mungwari conditionally suspended three years of their respective sentences.

The complainant in this case was Malawian national Wongani Malowa Banda who endured nearly 12 hours of torture in the hands of the convicts.

Prosecutor Ephraim Zinyandu proved that on October 7, last year, the female gang committed first degree assault, first degree robbery and first-degree identity theft.

They were aided by accomplices Yeukai Tsandukwa, Nyasha Kaseke, Gaillah Muroyi and two male colleagues Mike Mupururu and John Dzapasi.

Court heard that the gang armed themselves with a pistol before two of the claimed accomplices approached Banda who was parked at OK Fife Avenue in his silver Toyota RunX.

Victim was forcibly stripped naked

One of the gang knocked on the vehicle and Banda opened the door upon which the accused pulled up his shirt to reveal a pistol.

Another male accused promptly entered Banda’s car, sitting in the back while his counterpart occupied the front passenger seat.

Banda was then ordered to drive along Sixth Street due south and turn left into Selous Avenue before being told to stop near Seventh Street.

He was blindfolded forced out of the vehicle and dragged into a room occupied by five women.

The hookers proceeded to forcibly strip him naked before searching his clothes for cash, cell-phones and bank cards.

Targeting foreigners

According to prosecutors, the women told Banda that they were recovering money from foreigners and since he is a Malawian national, they would start with him.

One of the commercial sex workers removed her clothes and started posing with Banda whilst her accomplices took photos.

Kaseke and her gang went on a shopping spree using his debit cards and cellphone.

They went to OK Mart Chiremba Road and bought cigarettes for $532, energy drinks valued $37, babywear and lotion for $443 and an assortment of tablets for $431 using Banda’s Ecobank debit card.

The women then hired one Savious Mawere to take them to a traditional healer in Norton. Court heard Mawere refuelled his Mercedes Benz with $70 using Banda’s debit card.

When the women returned to the flat, Banda was still lying naked on the floor and they gave him back his cards before ordering him to leave.

He subsequently reported the matter to police.

Investigations and Close Circuit Television (CCTV) footage showed the accused persons making purchases at service stations and shop till points.

Dzapasi, Nyamande, Maodzwa and Dube were later arrested. Banda lost $1,667 and nothing was recovered.