Harare man fined US$400 for insurance fraud

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By Staff Reporter

A Harare man, Sylvester Rusere (36) who created a fictitious daughter before faking her death in a bid to claim insurance from Econet’s subsidiary, Ecosure has been fined US$400 by a Masvingo magistrate.

Rusere of Hopely was found guilty of fraud after pleading guilty to the allegations.

He was fined US$400 or risk going to jail for six months upon failure to pay.

He was also given a three months wholly suspended sentence.

The complainant in the case was Econet Life trading as EcoSure.

Rusere registered for Ecosure Funeral cover and added his daughter and another fictitious daughter as dependents.

“During the period extending from March to April 2024, the accused person misrepresented that his fictitious daughter Mufaro Rusere had passed on in March 2024 at Mukutukutu Village, Chief Nyashanhu, Buhera.

“To substantiate his claims, the accused person fraudulently fabricated a death certificate for Mufaro Rusere and went to complete all the forms which were supposed to be completed and signed by the Village head,” the court heard.

Rusere convinced his witnesses and obtained copies of their national identity cards.

Armed with the fake death certificate and the national identity cards, he proceeded to Masvingo Econet shop and submitted the documents so that the complainant could process the fraudulent claim.

He completed EcoSure funeral cover claim forms, attached the fake death certificate and national identity cards of the witnesses and falsified the signatures of the witnesses.

The complainant instituted a preliminary investigation to verify the authenticity of the claim and established that the accused person does not have any daughter named Mufaro.

A report was made leading to his arrest.