Harare Mayor talks tough, vows sacking on non-performing council employees

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By Audience Mutema

HARARE Mayor Herbert Gomba on Thursday spoke tough about poor performance within the country’s biggest local authority as he went on to threaten dismissals on council employees who do not toe the line.

Gomba was speaking at a launch ceremony of council’s 7th Phase of Rapid Results of the 100-day Plan at Town House.

The MDC top official also chided his council colleagues for leasing out council cloak rooms in Mbare for just RTGS$800 per month when they could generate a massive $US15 000 per day.

Gomba said of council intentions, “The statement is going to talk about creativity, what we should be doing and I think the Town Clerk read out the statement but again we should move out of these statements, to start to do what is proper in terms of how we should be dealing with people who are not creative, people who are not performing but who think employment is not an opportunity to perform but just to find a way where you can go and rest away from home.”

He added, “…We are very angry…policy makers are very angry with what is happening and you have seen the communication.

“We are trying to move away from the traditional way and try to embrace the policies for now.”

Sentiments by the city’s first resident come amid deteriorating service delivery within the country’s biggest city.

Harare has seen recurrent water shortages and in the recent past, has been the epicentre of devastating cholera outbreaks that have killed many.

The city is under the control of the opposition MDC whose representatives at Town House often say some of their managerial decisions depend on the approval of a Zanu PF led central government.