Harare Town Clerk Chisango Granted $50k Bail

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By Mary Taruvinga

HARARE Town Clerk, Hosea Chisango, arrested Thursday on criminal abuse of office charges, has been freed on $50 000 bail by magistrate Ngoni Nduna.

He is accused of giving directives that all officials should stop reporting to the chamber secretary but to him directly.

Nduna ruled that the city boss should not be seen within 100 meters of council offices, report at Rhodesville police station every last Wednesday of the month.

The State alleges that on December 24, 2020, Chisango unlawfully directed the Public Safety Division through a memorandum to stop reporting to the chamber secretary but to report to him instead.

The directive was supposed to have been issued out after consultations by council authorities.

The State alleges Chisango designed the new reporting structure so that he gets direct control of that department which was behind the investigation on shoddy land deals within council.

He later issued out another verbal directive to the staff members in the Public Safety Division to ‘stress’ his directive.

On January 13, 2021, Tarisai Chiendambuya, a chief superintendent and head of investigations department was served with a suspension letter by Geoffrey Manyere, acting chief security officer.

Manyere had been appointed to that post by Chisango when incumbent Collen Tongowona was there.

It is alleged Chisango made those decisions to frustrate ongoing police investigations on illegal land deals at the City of Harare.

Chisango has another pending criminal abuse of office case within the courts.

Lancelot Mutsokoti and Michael Reza appeared for the State.