Has Anyone Made Money from Binary Options? 

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There are a lot of options available nowadays where one could make money. Primarily, the trading market, i.e., binary options trading, is a very new and unique way to make money quickly. It is a type of contract where the profit depends on whether the price of an asset will fall or rise compared to a fixed price already set.

By analyzing the statistics, it can be seen that people using this method can earn up to 70–80% profit. The success rate can be debated, but it is because marketers still don’t know how to use this tool to their advantage. If you want to make money, there are some rules you must follow. So, let’s delve deep into the subject.

What are the Basics You Must Know Before Trading to Make Money?

  • Broker

To start your journey, you must have a broker. Many online broker websites can help. You have to check their prices on the binary options trading website for deposits and see the reviews to determine the broker of your choice.

  • Demo Account

These are fake accounts that help you understand how the market works without putting your money at risk. Most platform demo accounts are free, so you can apply any strategies to them.

  • Asset

After doing the above, you must decide what asset to select. There are over 150 assets to choose from, but you should choose based on their liquidity and volatility. You must have an idea of how to get the best possible returns on your money.

  • Capital

For your binary options trading website, you need to focus on risk management. Many marketers use only 1-2% of their shares in this type of trading, so it is advisable to use a maximum of only 5% of your capital.

  • Signal

In the binary options trading business, notifications are called signals. These can save you time in interpreting the trends of the market. You can use them whenever you are not there to make a financial decision and make huge profits.

Top Strategies for Your Binary Options Trading Website

  1. News Trends

This strategy can boost your profit and keep your risks to a minimum. Following trends is the easiest way to know what is going to impact price movement. That is because this market is rooted in traders’ speculation and the economy. You can use the straddle strategy and keep assets on both sides or on more than one side, or you can also follow the news to predict the latest catalyst.

The Pinocchio

Contrary to the previous strategy, this is where you have to bet against the trends. When an asset trend is going up, you have to place an option assuming that it will soon go down, and vice versa when you see an asset trending down. This requires immense research and understanding of your charts and trends.


In 1991, Steve Nison discovered the binary candlestick formation strategy. For your binary options trading website, you must know how to read asset charts and apply this method. The candlestick method shows an asset’s highest and lowest prices over time. The top, or mountain, is the highest, and the bottom, or valley, is the lowest. After observing for a while, you may notice a pattern and use it to your advantage.

The Turtle

It is a popular strategy that would benefit your binary options trading website. It calculates the movements of assets and their prices. Two types of signals are consequently created, the buy signal, where the price is higher compared to the last 20 days, and the sell signal, where the price is lower. By this, you can see if you want to trade or not.

Money Flow Index

This strategy is speedy but very hard to execute because it is very complex. You have to focus on demand and supply, as it is the only thing that affects the price of an asset in such a short time. The MFI index indicator might come in handy as it shows the ratio of the number of assets sold and purchased. The value is between 0-100 generally, and according to this, you can know the trend and purchase accordingly.


Unlike the previous strategy, this one is quite simple. As a newbie, it is worth trying. You have to research more about your asset, place the lowest-risk trade, see what happens, and then take action. You can also put both calls and set options, and you will still benefit from it. Still, you need to research the market and know your stuff.

Explore the Market and Make Money

In the end, the market is wide open for your binary options trading website. Suppose you follow these strategies and keep in mind the risks. You can also make quite a bit of profit. Many others are starting to explore this side of trading, and many have already succeeded. So, now is your time to make money successfully.