Hatfield teacher in the dock for ill-treating female pupil; orders her to undress in front of everyone and sweep school grounds with bare hands

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By Erica Jecha

HARARE: A Hatfield Junior School teacher was dragged to court Wednesday after being accused of ill-treating a minor.

Phydelia Chizunza (50) appeared before Harare magistrate Dennis Mangosi. She was remanded out of custody to January next year.

Chizunza, who is a senior teacher at the school and also the chairperson of the discipline committee, is said to have humiliated a female pupil (10) for wearing an incorrect uniform.

According to court papers, the incident occurred on November 11 when the teacher had been left in charge by the head of the school.

The grade four pupil is said to have been dragged out of class at around 10am during break time, whilst feeding herself, by three boys and led to Chizunza.

The teacher went on to reprimand and humiliate her in front of other pupils including boys, ordering her to undress in front of them.

It is alleged that the pupil was wearing a blue collar t-shirt, which is not part of the school uniform.

Prosecutors say the pupil undressed, exposing her body, fearing further reprimand, as Chizunza was already threatening to beat her.

After removing the t-shirt, the pupil then took her track jacket and put it on whilst other children were laughing at her.

Accused then told the pupil to go and attend her lessons and that she should come back at home going time to do her punishment.

She and other students went back to the teacher as directed, and they were asked to sweep the grounds with naked hands.

The pupil’s father came to school looking for her and the ordeal was narrated to him after which they reported the abuse to a local police station.