Headlands man kills brother over bath, washing soap 

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By Felix Matasva, Manicaland Correspondent 

A HEADLANDS man reportedly teamed up with a friend to kill his little brother after a confrontation over stolen bath and washing soap, police have said.

The domestic dispute in the Headlands area of Makoni District erupted last Friday between Jonathan Mugweni (41) and his 40-year-old brother (Honest Mugweni) when the former accused the latter of stealing his washing and bath soap.

Jonathan allegedly joined hands with a friend, Mathias Nehwangwani (42) to assault Honest with sticks all over the body, leading to his death.

“On May 13 around 2300hrs, the accused (Jonathan) confronted Honest, accusing him of stealing a bar of washing soap and bath soap. Jonathan, who was in the company of his friend Mathias, took Honest to 26 B in Fairfield under Chief Makoni to recover the stolen soap.

“On their way, they started to assault Honest with sticks all over the body and went back home after leaving him by the roadside,” Manicaland police spokesperson, Inspector Nobert Muzondo told

Honest was found dead on Saturday morning around 6am by Anyway Dzamwarira, who was heading to the shops.

Dzamwarira informed Wasili Dhaudhi and they reported the matter to Headlands Police, who attended the crime scene for inspection.

After inspecting the deceased’s body, bruises were found on his back and buttocks.

The two accused, who had confessed that they had beaten the deceased, were then arrested.

Muzondo urged citizens in Manicaland to desist from taking the law into their own hands whenever a domestic dispute erupts.

He added that citizens must report cases of such criminal nature to the police, who are qualified to deal with such matters.