Headmasters apply as ZESA sweepers on $1k gross

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ZESA is receiving application letters daily from many professionals who want to work as “general hands” because of the amount of money the lowest worker at the energy company is being paid, CEO, Josh Chifamba, claimed.

Information from the power utility company said the lowest paid ZESA employee in grade A 11 (sweeper) is getting $940 gross, while a junior engineer in grade D2 is getting $4 900.

ZESA workers Wednesday wanted to stage a demonstration demanding a 75% pay rise but the demo was stopped by the High Court after the management sought an interdict.

Appearing before the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Public Accounts Committee, Wednesday, Chifamba said ZESA management was shocked by the workers union’s demands when the company is not breaking even.

“Every day we are receiving application letters from school headmasters and teachers who want to come and work as general hands because of the wages being paid to the company’s lowest paid worker,” said Chifamba.

“But shockingly everyday there is noise from the workers unions’ representative calling for a pay rise.”

Chifamba added, “And it’s even clear that the company won’t be able to pay such salaries as this will affect service delivery.”

Teachers in the country earn around $400 per month.

But the National Energy Workers Union of Zimbabwe leader, Thomas Masvingwe, dismissed Chifamba saying he lied under oath.

“The lowest paid worker at ZESA is being paid $222,” he said in an interview.

“He (CEO) must stop throwing tantrums every time he gets the opportunity to talk about salaries at ZESA.”