Health hazard looms in Kwekwe as vandals target pump stations

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By Staff Reporter

A health hazard is looming in Kwekwe City following vandalism of the city’s pump station infrastructure.

Speaking during a recently held full council meeting Kweker Acting Chamber Secretary Athunus Chidzurira said council is putting in place security measures.

This comes after thieves tied up a security guard manning Woodlands pump station and vandalised infrastructure.

Chidzurira added that if the incident was to reoccur raw sewage would eventually flow into the city’s water bodies.

“We regret that in one of the incidents which happened to Woodlands pump stations when one of our officers was tied up by people who had come to steal.

“As management we are seized with the matter and management is going to come up with solutions soon. Discussions are ongoing on how to address the issue. We received a report from our security section, we have had some discussions and some recommendations have been tabled. One of the things which we are considering is to outsource some security services from companies such as Fawcett or increase number of people with guns,” he said.

The Chamber Secretary added: “What it means is that if thieves continue to vandalize these pump stations then raw sewer will be getting into our water bodies. So we are treating this issue as a matter of urgency”.