Health poser for Redcliff amid power switch-off threat over $6,2 million debt

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By Staff Reporter

A HEALTH crisis is looming in Redcliff after power utility, ZETDC has revealed plans to switch off the tiny Midlands town’s water source over a $6, 2 million debt.

The dreaded power disconnection would see a booster pump station at Zisco switch off.

The pump services water tanks in the steel making town.

With a surge in cases of Covid-19 in the country, Redcliff Town Clerk Gilson Chakauya is worried about the crises set to befall the town once the power generator decides to cut electricity.

Chakauya told this week ZETDC is demanding the authority should pay up its debt or risk seeing suburbs go dry.

“The municipality has received communication from ZETDC that electricity at the booster pump station at Zisco will be disconnected on 4/06/20,” a date which has soon passed.”

Added Chakauya, “The monthly electricity average bill is $1, 3 million and the debt now stands at more than $6, 2 million. This will result in the disruption of water supplies to all suburbs.”

ZETDC’s notice comes against the backdrop of low revenue collection by the municipality.

Redcliff also owes neighbouring Kwekwe City $13, 5 million.

Kwekwe is Redcliff’s water supplier.

“Our average, monthly water collection is around $165 000 which is not sustainable against our monthly bill from Kwekwe City of $2, 9 million,” Chakauya said.

“Due to low cash inflows, the outstanding bill for Kwekwe City now stands at $13, 5 million.

“A total of $4,2 million is required monthly on average for both water and electricity charges.

“Water is a necessity against the fight for Covid-19, for continuous supply of water the municipality is requesting each household to pay a minimum of $500 on their outstanding water bills.”

He added, “As a local authority, we are stuck between a rock and a hard place. If ZETDC disconnects power, then the whole town will not have water at all.”