Heart-wrenching scenes at Tapiwa Makore judgment as mother calls for his spirit to avenge 

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By Darlington Gatsi

AN emotional atmosphere gripped Harare High Court Wednesday after Justice Munamato Mutevedzi handed down a death sentence judgment on Tapiwa Makore Snr and Tafadzwa Shamba for killing Tapiwa Makore Jnr in 2020.

As Justice Mutevedzi handed down his judgment on the two, an air of emotions permeated through the Court.

It marked an end to a horrendous episode of human slaughter that gripped the country in September 2020.

Tapiwa’s body was found dismembered into pieces with some parts yet to be found two years after his torso was buried.

Makore and Shamba confessed before the judge that they had killed Tapiwa for a ritual to enhance a cabbage farming business.


When Justice Mutevedzi read out his judgment tears were gathering in the eyes of Linda Munyori, Tapiwa’s mother.

Tears streamed down her cheeks as she made her way out of the court gallery.

Struggling to gather composure, Munyori welcomed the judgment saying it was befitting for the heinous murder of her son.

“I am satisfied with the judgment handed down. They have been sentenced in equal proportion to the crime that they committed,” said Munyori.

Justice Mutevedzi in his ruling said the duo had failed to show remorse after committing the murder of Makore.

Makore and Shamba’s demeanor betrayed any sense of remorse if they tried to portray any as they smiled when they were slapped with a death sentence.

“I was broken and I could not do anything. Now I have strength. If there is anyone who can make his spirit haunt his murderers they should help me. There are many people involved in his murder it was not a mistake that some names were dropped. Yes for sure people can be hanged. Tapiwa’s spirit should avenge on its own,” said Munyori.