Heavy rains plunge Gokwe into prolonged darkness

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By Staff Reporter

GOKWE was left plunged in darkness for four days following heavy rains which have been pounding the country in recent days.

According to Gokwe Town Chairperson Never Gwanzura, the rains, which were accompanied by heavy winds, fell power poles leaving locals to endure the period in darkness.

“We have been receiving heavy rains recently. Gokwe is naturally a wet area,” Gwanzura said.

“We were left in darkness for at least four days after the heavy rains fell ZESA poles. For the past days, we saw ZESA technicians trying to address the situation. We don’t know for how long we will be in darkness,” he said.

He said the situation has left businesses crippled.

“Businesses suffered heavy losses during the blackout period,” he said.

ZESA spokesperson Prisca Utete had not responded to emailed questions by the time of publishing this article.

Zimbabwe is expected to receive normal to above normal rainfall for the 2020/21 season, according to the meteorological department.

The department further said violent storms, tropical cyclones, flooding in low lying areas and storms at the onset of the season could not be ruled out.

Usually, the October rains are erratic, but more effective rains are expected from November into December.