‘Help from Trump is a phone call away’- Chamisa

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By Staff Reporter

OPPOSITION MDC leader Nelson Chamisa has once again claimed, US President Donald Trump is ready to assist Zimbabwe as soon as he assumes the reins of power.

In the run-up to last year’s general elections Chamisa was called out after claiming he had been promised US$15 billion bail-out by Trump. The 41-year-old opposition leader, told cheering supporters at a rally in the eastern border city of Mutare, Saturday, that he had a direct line to the US leader.

“I can see change. I can see new towns and cities. Those things only come through dialogue. I told you sometime back that it is not a problem for us to engage President Trump.

“It’s a matter of picking the phone and tell him; ‘Mr Trump our agenda is to save people of Zimbabwe.’ It (crisis) will be over,” said Chamisa.

In a thinly veiled attack on Zanu PF leader President Emmerson Mnangagwa, Chamisa said Zimbabwe needs a leader without a dark past.

“You should have a leader who is trusted. (A leader) with confidence. (One) without a track record of killing people and stealing people`s funds,” the MDC president said to applause.

 Mnangagwa was a key figure in former President Robert Mugabe’s 38 year-rule before the latter was toppled by a military coup in November 2017.

The new Zanu PF leader has been linked to the post-independence atrocities commonly known as Gukurahundi  and is believed to have been the power behind the bloody campaign in the 2008 run-off that left at least 300 people dead and from which the late MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai pulled out citing State sponsored violence.

As regards claims he was receiving support from Mugabe, Chamisa said leaders do not choose their followers.

“In the history of this country I don’t think president Mugabe will vote for anyone serve for me. Then you hear some people saying I’m being supported by Robert Mugabe. Leaders don’t choose supporters, supporters do choose leaders,” he said.

The MDC leader said he is humbled by Mugabe’s endorsement.

“I am humbled that Mr. Mugabe went publicly and said he will vote for me. It’s an endorsement to say the history is saying we are passing the baton to the future and I receive that baton. 

“Some of you don’t see that he left his rotten party, saying he was now following a party lead by a young leader. It shows the capacity being given in that party. Please don’t take it as a problem,” said Chamisa adding he was considering visiting the former Zanu PF leader now confined to his plush Harare home.

“We need to get his views because each and every person knows where he made a mistake in life. He should reflect so that when we lead, we don’t repeat the same mistakes. I have to hear from him. That is the focus we are taking as a party,” the MDC leader added.

Chamisa said his government will root out corruption which he described as a “religion.”

After his Trump meeting claims last year, Chamisa was forced to recant this and a number of other claims he made at rallies during an interview on the BBC current affairs program, Hardtalk hosted by anchor Steven Sackur.

Sackur described Chamisa’s promises at the time as “nonsensical” and bordering on “fantasy”.