High Court Judge’s husband charged with raping housemaid

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By Staff Reporter

A HIGH Court Judge’s husband has been arrested on allegations of raping the family’s housemaid and stealing her mobile phone in a bid to conceal evidence of the vile attack.

Cleopas Mugomba, 44, husband to Justice Sylvia Chirau was hauled before Harare magistrate Bianca Makwande on Thursday charged with rape and one count of attempted rape.

He was also charged with theft after he allegedly seized the housemaid’s mobile phone which had accidentally captured images of their scuffle.

Mugomba is however, denying the allegations.

According to prosecutors, the incident occurred on June 7 this year.

Mugomba reportedly asked the complainant to accompany him to House number 7, Kingfisher Road, in Borrowdale where she was supposed to do some cleaning.

The family was expected to move into the property in a few days.

Prosecutors claim that Mugomba changed course and, instead, went to his office where they found some men occupying the room.

He then drove maid to the Borrowdale house where he raped her once without using protection.

Narrating her ordeal, the maid said; “I could not tell anyone. I did not report the case to the police because I feared for my wellbeing.

“I was also afraid of the accused’s wife who is a Judge.”

 She continued; “When we arrived at the house, I never suspected the accused was up to something.

“I started cleaning the bathtub when the accused came and asked me to bid him farewell.

“I did not understand what he really meant but he went on to grab me and pin me down facing downwards.

“He then unzipped his trousers and went on to rape me ignoring my screams. Still no one could hear me because there was no one at the place.”

A few days later, Justice Chirau reportedly left the country on business.

It is alleged that Mugomba then told his mother-in-law that he wanted the complainant to supervise men who were doing some work at their new house before he drove her to the property.

Explained the complainant; “Accused told his wife’s mother, Mai Chirau, that he wanted to take me to Borrowdale for me to superintend installations that were being done at the residence.

“While at the house in Borrowdale the accused changed his clothes and wore red shorts and a royal blue vest.”

Mugomba allegedly started pulling the victim towards a spare bedroom.

A scuffle ensued during which the complaint pressed a button on her mobile phone and it started taking screenshots.

Mugomba is said to have thought she was taking pictures and confiscated the phone.

“I later got a chance to escape and fled the house,” said the maid.

“I started running towards a certain road while crying and I bumped into Mr Khumalo who I asked for 50 cents.

“On being asked why I indicated what had happened to me and that is how we ended up making a police report.”

Court heard Mugomba followed to the police station and tried to stop the victim from reporting the abuse saying it would destroy his life.

He was asked to hand over the victim’s phone, but he refused to surrender the gadget.