High Court Prosecutor Locked Up For Granting Bail To Notorious Robber

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By Staff Reporter

HIGH Court prosecutor Arthur Bosha, who was arrested Sunday for consenting to bail in the case of a notorious armed robber, will languish in jail after he was Tuesday denied bail by Harare magistrate, Lazini Ncube.

Bosha is facing criminal abuse of office charges after he allegedly consented to bail in separate applications filed last year by two armed robbers who are accomplices of Mussa Taj Abdul, who was arrested last year after evading the police for 20 years.

The prosecutor allegedly consented to bail for Musafare Mupamhanga.

In his ruling, the magistrate maintained the prosecutor was facing a serious offence, which could force him to abscond if freed on bail.

Bosha allegedly consented to Mupamhanga’s release on $2 000 bail on October 9 last year after the state agreed on the basis that some of his co-accused were out on bail.

Mupamhanga and his co-accused, Conwell Kasambarare and Spicer Takawira are believed to be part of the gang that raided Mashwede Holdings last year and got away with over US$100 000, R42 000, $14 000 worth of fuel coupons, firearms and 20 live rounds of ammunition.

They have since gone into hiding following their release on bail.

Police have launched a manhunt for them, together with more than nine other robbers, including two ex-policemen.

Recently, prosecutor Tapiwa Kasema was arrested for consenting to bail to four other suspected armed robbers led by Taj Abdul.

The robbers were rearrested on fresh charges before they could be released on bail.

In March last year, Mashwede Holdings lost the cash to five workers and nine suspected robbers.

The five workers, Mupamhanga and Kasambarare were then arrested and appeared in court.

Among the five workers were two brothers related to the business owner while two were security guards.

The two robbers were then remanded in custody and advised to apply for bail at the High Court.

Mupamhanga, Kasambarare and Spicer Takawira then applied for bail, which was granted between May and October last year.

During Bosha’s bail ruling, his lawyer, Admire Rubaya, while cross examining the investigating officer, pointed said Mashwede owner, Alex Mashamhanda, was working with police and boasting he was going to ensure all the prosecutors who handled this case were arrested.

The state denies the claims.