HIV positive man in unprotected sex with girlfriend; reveals status to her through text message

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A HARARE man landed in the dock after he purportedly deliberately infected his girlfriend with HIV.

Powell Tsvuura, 38, allegedly committed the offence in December last year when he had unprotected sexual intercourse with his girlfriend whose identity is being protected knowing that he was HIV positive.

Tsvuura only opened up about his HIV status recently following a misunderstanding.

According to court papers, his girlfriend went to Hatcliff Poly Clinic in August 2017 and was tested for HIV.

Prosecutors allege she tested negative and later fell in love with Tsvuura.

In December last year they had unprotected sex.

The couple continued with their affair until recently when they had a misunderstanding.

Tsvuura then sent a text message to the complainant advising her to go and get tested for HIV.

Court heard he told her that she was already infected as he was sick already.

The woman went to Ruwa Poly Clinic where tests were carried out and came out positive.

She then advised her aunt who helped her to report the case.

Linda Gadzikwa appeared for the state.