Hotel craving UK Zimbos find no running water at quarantine college

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By Anna Chibamu

THE 65 Zimbabweans who flew from the UK Monday to be met with compulsory quarantine at Belvedere Teachers College in Harare finally got a feel of what they are set to endure for the next 21 days when they found no running water at the tertiary institution.

Top journalist Brezh Malaba posted on Twitter saying the group has been treated to a mixture on meat and cabbage for supper but found the facility with no running water.

Earlier, Information ministry permanent secretary Nick Mangwana said on Twitter that the group was refusing being accommodated at the training institution and was demanding hotel accommodation at government expense.

Zimbabwe has barred visits by foreigners but has kept the door wide open for returning nationals who are prepared to undergo mandatory quarantine.

The country has seen an outbreak in Covid-19 cases which have been traced to returning nationals mostly from the UK.