Housing Co-operative Vows To Fight Tycoon Billy Rautenbach

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By Steven Tsamba

THE Jshua M. Nkomo housing co-operative has vowed to contest the proposed sale of contested property which they currently occupy in Aspindale, Harare by a company owned by controversial tycoon Billy Rautenbach.

The property, described as 48 Aspindale Park, was advertised for sale by Marimba Residential recently, but the co-operative argues the sale is illegal.

According to a press statement issued by DNM Attorney’s, who represent the housing co-operative, Marimba Residential properties does not have a court order authorising its possession of the stand.
“To our knowledge, Marimba Residential Properties Limited does not have any court order authorising it to take possession of land that is currently occupied by our client and its affiliates. The political posturing and statements that are being made by certain individuals regarding the ownership of Stand 48 Aspindale Park are not supported by any order of court and are of no legal force or effect,” the statement, seen  by Wednesday, reads.
DNM Attorneys also said they asked Marimba Residential properties to produce a court order which they failed to do.
“They (Marimba) came on site in 2018 purporting to act on the alleged cancellation of the offer letter by an official in the Ministry of Local Government. The cancellation letter was challenged by their client in the high court and is still pending. Also, the offer letter allegedly cancelled is in respect of the whole Stand 48 Aspindale Park. The purported cancellation of the offer letter was challenged by our client in the High Court under case No. HC3170/18 and the matter is still pending in the High court,” the lawyers argued.
Joshua M. Nkomo housing co-operative was allocated the land by the government in 2004 and was authorised to develop the land for residential purposes.
The housing co-operative and its affiliates, Wadzanai housing co-operative and Leopold Takawira Housing co-operative, developed residential stands and allocated them to beneficiaries who proceeded to build and occupy houses since 2004, only for Rautenbach to come around claiming ownership of the property.