Angel’s business partner mocked over response to Al Jazeera “Gold Mafia” documentary

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By Staff Reporter

ZIMBABWEANS tore into the response by embattled cleric and dipolat Uebert Angel’s business partner man Rikki Doolan for lacking substance after he posted the video saying he was unapologetic for his actions.

The Al Jazeera Investigative Unit identified Doolan as part of an alleged “band of criminals driving gold smuggling and money laundering worth billions of dollars in Southern Africa.”

Doolan, who is a pastor in Angel’s Good News Church and a musician told Al Jazeera’s undercover reporters that he and Angel would be able to arrange a meeting with President Emmerson President Mnangagwa for a fee.

In a video on his Twitter feed which he later deleted, Doolan appeared unfazed by the revelations by Al Jazeera Investigative Unit while attempting to put up a defense that closely resembled a letter by Angel’s office.

Angel’s office tried to distance themselves with the letter after observers had mocked the poorly crafted response to the serious allegations of gold smuggling and money laundering.

Social media users did not hold back at scoffing Doolan while querying his prowess in negotiating lucrative deals given the way the self-styled preacher was voluntarily implicating himself on camera.

“Nonsense, are these people even qualified? These were all rookie mistakes,” said one Denny Welly.

Doolan in his response said he knew that he was being filmed yet on the documentary his security confiscated mobile phones belonging to the undercover Al Jazeera team fearing they were being recorded.

“This guy is stupid. His ‘security’ took the phones of Mr Stanley’s people because he was afraid of being recorded yet he now says he had agreed for them to record prior with their cameras,” said Eddy Niccklaus on Twitter.

Journalist Hopewell Chin’ono poured scorn on Doolan’s response saying; “Angel issued a statement denying everything last weekend. The poorly written statement was pulled back by his office declaring it FAKE when citizens ridiculed it. Now his Assistant Rikki Doolan has issued a statement through this video repeating the same weekend statement.”

Citizens Coalition for Change presidential spokesperson, Nkululeko Sibanda ridiculed the stance by Doolan that the investigations were done by imperialists paid by governments to tarnish Zimbabwe’s image.

“Zanu PF is shocked by its own corruption. Now they have hired a British Mafia, to do their anti-imperialist rhetoric. If you are in a corner, sometimes it’s more profitable to do nothing,” Sibanda said.

Some Zimbabweans even called for Doolan to be sanctioned by the government.

“They are doing what Zanu PF has been doing for years, taking us for a ride. They think we are fools and we allow them. He must be sanctioned by Zimbabwean citizens. He must never set foot in Zimbabwe again,” charged Desmond Sharukai.

In the initial response Doolan said as a business man he represented himself first.

“I am a proud British man. I am also a businessman and as a businessman I represent my interests. I am a British businessman and I don’t apologize for being that,” he said.