Buffalo Souljah opens up on Lil Wayne beef

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By SA Hip Hop Mag

JOHANNESBURG – Buffalo Souljah has managed to sustain his relevance in the music industry even though he faced some mishaps along the way.

The South Africa-based Zimbabwean reggae artist has had his fair share of controversial moments in his music career. From beefing with Burna Boy to having a squabble with the US rapper Lil Wayne.

In an interview on the Episode Podcast, Buffalo shared an account of the event that led to his feud with the US rapper Lil Wayne. The reggae sensation stated how Young Nucho a South African rapper who is Lil Wayne look-alike played a part in his dispute with the US rapper.

“The thing with me you must also understand that I pre-meditate, I’ve always calculated my moves,” he said. “When Young Nucho came through it was like a kid with like I got money, my dad got some diamond sh*t back home I got a clique and we are thinking Young Money.”

“They approached me and I hung out with them I see what they were about. One thing about those kids they thought they were (Young Money) is not about we’re trying to, they were we are the African Young Money that’s how we want to be acknowledged,” he added.

Being a shrewd individual, Buffalo Souljah took advantage of Lil Wayne’s visit to SA and introduce Young Nucho to the public in an effort to place him in the spotlight.

“My first move was that Lil Wayne was coming, I was alright this is 2011 Lil Wayne is coming, let me speak to the promoters of Lil Wayne lets get Young Nucho to go open up on the stage, I’m calculating how we gonna put the kid out,” he said.

Buffalo stated that he made an offer to Lil Wayne’s management of R150.000 to get Young Nucho to the stage, but the offer was rejected, which then prompted him to activate his plan B. “The dad’s offer was like okay, tell them will give them R150,000 put the kid on, that’s 2011 R150,000 was a lot of money.

“So they said will come back to you (Lil Wayne management) and then the homie, later on, didn’t come back to us. Then they were like no we sat down we don’t think it’s a good idea we scratching that. Then I said to the hommies Lil Wayne comes tomorrow, so Lil Wayne is in the country, then I called ten bouncers I said let’s go to Sandton,” he said.

“We go to Sandton, and we sit up by the Mandela statue I was like let’s chill there and the bouncers are around. There’s one little girl sitting there she’s staring then she comes to me and said ( I just want to ask, is that Mr Lil Wayne). I was like no that’s not Lil Wayne, so my thing was like, im not gonna say that’s Lil Wayne and im not gonna say its Lil Wayne, I wanted the hype to happen.

Buffalo explained that all that stunt was to prove to Lil Wayne promoters what they have missed after rejecting Young Nucho to curtain raise Wizzy’s show. “I just wanted the hype to happen, i wanted the dude that were promoting, like dudes i post you nicely for this to happen but you didn’t want it that way, so we doing it our way now.”

“So the little girl went back, speaking to her friends and she came back so this time she didn’t come back to me, she goes straight to Nucho, she was like can i take a photo even if its not Lil Wayne. That was the problem, that was when it all started, a good problem, because that what i was trying to see instigate all along.

“She took the photo, everybody sees they start coming in thinking its Wayne, the whole mall, we shutdown Sandton mall, they thought Lil Wayne is in the building and at that time Lil Wayne had landed but in Capetown.” He said.