Businessman Manzungu honoured by California Metropolitan University

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By William Milasi

TOP Zimbabwean infrastructure development expert Tinashe Manzungu was recently honoured by California University with a PhD in Business Administration.

Manzungu is the current Africa Business Council (ABC) board director and immediate past president of the Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce (ZNCC).

The business tycoon, who is also the co-founder and chief executive officer of Zimbuild Property Investments, said he was honoured to receive recognition for his contribution in business not only in Zimbabwe but globally.

“I was honoured by California Metropolitan University for the tremendous strides we are putting forward in both our own businesses and, Zimbabwe and the continent,” Manzungu said in an interview with

“I am honoured and excited to say I was capped by the President of California Metropolitan University with a PhD in Business Administration. (With special recognition to Leadership and management),” he said.

Manzungu was recently in London for the Leaders Without Boarders Annual Business Summit, where he was a guest speaker.

The summit was running under the theme, “Global Partnerships and Sustainable Investments.”

The event was attended by high-level achieving professionals from Africa, The Middle East, India, and China.

It was also attended by world leaders and ministers representing different countries such as Ghana, Mauritius, Dubai, Equatorial Guinea, and Nigeria.

Dr Manzungu took the opportunity of the global audience to market Zimbabwe and Africa as investment destinations of choice.

“I was part of the presenters at such a global conference where I advocated for global partnerships and sustainable Investments. My drive was focused on global reach opportunities and Partnerships. Both European and US businesses were quite excited with the presentations from Zimbabwe and other African countries and the takeaway agreement is focused on infrastructure development through the establishment of the Africa Real Estate Association (AREA) which Zimbabwe is party to and as well a founding member. This will see the international community investing in this project and finding their safe ways in Investing sustainably in Africa,” he said.

Manzungu added that he took the opportunity to invite the first world countries to come work with Zimbabwe in the mining sector.

“Considering that we are an emerging economy that has got its own targets for 2030. I also spoke on ACFTA (Africa Continental Free Trade Area) which has a 1.3 million GDP potential hence also invited the globe to come to work together with Africa and invest financially and open shop in gold, lithium and diamond mining since we have the reserves,” he said.

Manzungu expressed excitement that a lot of the business moguls expressed interest in investing in Zimbabwe.

Manzungu is also the group chairman of TM Group which has interests mainly in construction, financial services, and insurance. He is part of the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (Comesa) Business Council and Africa Business Council, among other regional and continental business bodies.