Chebundo lauded for bringing opposition members to Zanu PF

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By Staff Reporter

FORMER opposition legilslator Blessing Chebundo who defected to Zanu PF about two years ago has earned the governing party’s plaudits for bringing new members from the opposition.

Zanu PF political commissar Mike Bimha, in an address to Zanu PF affiliates in Midlands recently said Chebundo is doing a great job for the ruling party ahead of the upcoming elections.

“I am impressed with what Cde Chebundo is doing he is massively recruiting from those who are in opposition. Cde Chebundo is likely to gain audience from opposition members than me. We are seeing a lot of opposition members joining us due to Cde Chebundo’s efforts,” he said.

Chebundo rose to prominence at the turn of the millennium for thrashing then Zanu PF Kwekwe Central Emmerson Mnangagwa in successive polls.

After the defeats, Mnangagwa made a hasty retreat to a rural Chirumhanzu Zibagwe outpost.

Chebundo however left the opposition in a huff, before joining hands with his former political nemesis Mnangagwa after being beaten in the then MDC Alliance party primary elections by a political upstart Judith Tobaiwa to replace then legislator Masango Matambanadzo who has passed on in 2021.