Defiant Kasukuwere dares Mnangagwa, says not intimidated by arrest threats

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By Mary Taruvinga

EXILED former Zimbabwean cabinet minister Saviour Kasukuwere has dismissed allegations that he has two pending arrest warrants, insisting that no form of intimidation will stop him from coming back home to contest for the presidency in the upcoming elections.

Responding to State media reports on Saturday, that he is a fugitive, Kasukuwere through the chairperson and convenor of his presidential campaign, Walter Mzembi, who also in exile, said his journey back to Harare is imminent.

“No amount of threats or intimidation will deter him from his impending travel to Harare,” said the former Minister of Foreign Affairs Saturday evening.

Mzembi accused Justice Secretary Virginia Mabhiza of trying to resurrect “archival warrant of arrests” issued during the now concluded criminal cases.

He said the State was instead in contempt for failing to release title deeds to his Nyanga holiday home after charges against him were quashed.

He explained, “For the avoidance of doubt, the charges related to the warrants of arrest against president Kasukuwere were quashed by the High Court in its judgement No” HH562/19 which the State has not appealed against. We call upon all Zimbabweans to ignore these attempts to weaponise the criminal justice system by creating a public perception that president Kasukuwere is a fugitive from justice.

“After his charges were quashed president Kasukuwere’s bail conditions fell away.

“His bail deposit was reimbursed and the High Court ordered the state to release his title deeds which order the state is in contempt this day,” said Mzembi.

The former minister also said the passport which Mabhiza told the state media about expired and was renewed by the same state with no challenges at all confirming  that all was in order.

He also called on the international community to look into this “unprovoked intimidation of an electoral candidate and competitor which has the net effect of discrediting the election before it has even began.”

Kasukuwere is one of the 10 opponents, who President Mnangagwa will be facing in the August 23 general elections.