Despite no show, Chipinge residents say ready for Cyclone Freddy

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By Staff Reporter

RESIDENTS of Chipinge have said despite no indication of danger, considering Friday and Saturday’s clear skies, they are ready for Cyclone Freddy.

Cyclone Freddy was expected to reach the eastern parts of Zimbabwe Friday afternoon, with schools closed by the government in areas likely to be hard hit Friday.

Chipinge was one of the hardest-hit areas when Cyclone Idai fell in 2019.

Speaking to Tariro Matsi, said although people were on high alert there was still no sign of any danger.

“We thought Cyclone Freddy would be serious, some had prepared themselves for evacuation to centres set up by government,” said Matsi.

“We had also been given numbers to use in cases of emergency but nothing has happened so far except light drizzles Friday night around 11pm.

“We are ready and at the same time happy that we might just survive losing property and lives, unlike last time.”

Harare, which was also put on alert by the Meteorological Department also had clear skies Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Evacuation centres have been set up in Chipinge and surrounding areas, with hotlines being constantly shared in cases of emergencies.

“We are prepared for Cyclone Freddy, people are in the homes but it is not yet here,” said Kudakwashe Mawango who is part of a network setup to assist potential victims.

“Maybe it might come in the evening but at the moment there are just a few clouds.”


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