Don’t vote for those dogs – ZAPU Chair says to supporters   

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By Staff Reporter 

OPPOSITION ZAPU Chairperson John Dlamini has urged people living in Matabeleland not to vote for what he described as dogs who have failed to develop the predominantly Ndebele-speaking provinces.

Of 13 Members of Parliament (MPs) in Matabeleland South 11 are from Zanu PF. All of the province’s Senators are from the ruling party.

In Matabeleland North eight of its 12 MPs are Zanu PF.

Speaking at a party meeting Dlamini urged members not to undermine the importance of their vote at this year’s elections.

“Power is in your vote, respect it. Do not take your vote and give it to dogs. If you vote for dogs one day they will take meals from you,” said Dlamini without clarifying who the dogs he referred to were.

“Better vote for these ZAPU dogs because that is the only way you can get help. What have these people done for you? Your children do not go to school and Matabeleland is the least developed in this country.”

Zimbabwe heads for elections between July and August, parties have already started processes to choose candidates before fully-fledged campaigns granted police approval is given.

Matabeleland’s two provinces, including Bulawayo, have significantly lagged behind in development as compared to Zimbabwe’s other seven regions.

Late party leader Dumiso Dabengwa led ZAPU’s 2008 split from Zanu PF citing differences in policy and repression of former ZAPU/ZPRA colleagues in the union which had lasted since a 1987 Unity Accord.

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