Even if it happened, so what? Mnangagwa ally Passion Java scoffs at Aljazeera sting, claims Uebert Angel knew he was being recorded

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By Staff Reporter

PASSION Java, a self-proclaimed prophet and close ally of President Emmerson Mnangagwa has waded into the Gold Mafia scandal, telling Zimbabweans the alleged ongoing heists of their minerals do not matter.

Java also claimed that Angel’s utterances were deliberate as he was part of a Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) investigation into Al Jazeera itself and the journalists/investors.

Gold Mafia is Al Jazeera’s four-episode documentary detailing how government officials, Mnangagwa’s associates and other runners are colluding with rogue elements to use the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) in money laundering through the purchase and sale of gold in countries such as Dubai.

Angel, Mnangagwa’s Special Envoy and Zimbabwe’s Ambassador at Large, was secretly recorded striking a US$1.2 billion deal he thought was real and offering to launder the whole amount for undercover investigative journalists.

In the video, he goes on to make claims he has direct access to Mnangagwa, possesses the power to sign agreements on behalf of the President without query, and is untouchable and higher than Vice President Constantino Chiwenga in ranking.

Prophet Uebert Angel

Gold Mafia’s first episode, The Laundry Service, was released Thursday.

“Angel was doing his work (as Ambassador at Large and Special Envoy of the President). Even if you say this happened so what? This is nonsense,” said Java.

“Angel was investigating whether these people were real investors. The one who was seated next to him is an intelligence officer whose job was to read their reaction.

“There is no billionaire who would agree to such sums of money being put in a briefcase.

“Those cameras were known to be there; Al Jazeera would have been sued if they had recorded them without their knowledge.

“Al Jazeera intelligence had already been countered. That was not Rushwaya in that clip, those were intelligence officers, you do not just get to the President.”

The explosive documentary which took two years to produce has given Zimbabweans access to underhand mineral deals that have siphoned billions of US dollars from them.

Added Java: “President does not deal with loan sharks. That is an attack on Zimbabwe’s economy; it is the fastest growing and could just grow beyond the American one.

“These are attempts to stop investors from coming in. This is a CCC campaign strategy because it knows they will lose at this year’s elections.”

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