Mnangagwa saved King Charles III’s life from Rhodesians who wanted him dead, claims Charamba

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By Staff Reporter

PRESIDENTIAL spokesperson George Charamba has claimed Zimbabwe’s President Emmerson Mnangagwa saved King Charles III’s life from Rhodesians who wanted to kill him during the colonial era.

Charamba made the claims while attempting to justify why Mnangagwa was invited to King Charles III’s coronation.

Mnangagwa’s invitation and attendance at the coronation have been a trending topic with some saying he was not supposed to be invited.

United Kingdom’s All Party Parliamentary Group on Zimbabwe wrote to the British Foreign Secretary James Cleverly, demanding that London withdraws Mnangagwa’s invitation to the royal event.

However, the British government responded saying it intended to use Mnangagwa’s presence as an opportunity to address severe human rights violations and corruption in Zimbabwe.

One of the many Twitter accounts believed to be run by Presidential spokesman George Charamba claimed Mnangagwa had to be at King Charles III’s coronation because he saved his life and it is time for relations between the two countries to get better.

“Charles, now King Charles III, would have been killed by Rhodesians, except for a tip-off from a Rhodesian intelligence officer to the current President, then as state security minister.

“That all explains why ED had to be at King Charles’ coronation, and why relations with the UK are fated for a reset under President ED! Enjoy!,” tweeted Tinoedza Zvimwe.

Meanwhile, Mnangagwa has received social media ridicule for his obscure sitting position at the grand Westminster Abbey for the lavish coronation ceremony.

The Zimbabwe leader was barely recognisable in a corner seat at the back while the likes of Eswatini’s King Mswati III were accorded privileged positions nearer the front rows.