Ngarivhume promises protests after Al Jazeera blockbuster

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By Staff Reporter

OPPOSITION Transform Zimbabwe (TZ) leader Jacob Ngarivhume has promised a week of demonstrations at police stations across the country in the aftermath of Al Jazeera’s Gold Mafia release.

Gold Mafia is a four-episode investigative report of Zimbabwe’s illegal gold dealings and money laundering by individuals in high offices including President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Special Envoy Uebert Angel.

Its first episode shocked millions when it was released on Thursday. It revealed how hundreds of millions of dirty US dollars were being laundered into the country to buy gold.

The gold will then be shipped through shadowy means to Dubai where it would be sold and used to clean the previously dirty money.

Calls for protests led by Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) President Nelson Chamisa have not been responded to.

Ngarivhume’s utterances on Twitter have only been reacted to by 44,000 people however, 24 hours from the 27th.

“March 27 starts a week of peaceful national protests at police stations across the country. We need to stop asking the question -What next? We know what we need to do!” said Ngarivhume.

“The time has come for Zimbabwe’s leaders to lead from the front. This coming week I will stand with those who truly believe enough is enough!

“We have a legitimate reason to call for change in Zimbabwe. Now is the time to unite with one voice and stand for what is right. God bless Zimbabwe.”