Shadaya gains 6K new followers, as controversial Rihanna tweet breaches 52 million views

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By Staff Reporter

CONTROVERSIAL Social commentator Tawona Knight Shadaya has gained more than six thousand new Twitter followers after commenting about RnB pop artist Rihanna and her spouse, rapper, ASAP Rocky.

The tweet that brought the world lime light on Shadaya, when checked, had over 52 million views.

The controversial social commentator Shadaya drew fierce criticism from some American celebrities following his sentiments about Rihanna’s union.

Shadaya, who is popular for his widely considered radical views on women and relationships drew the wrath of Americans after he ripped into the marriage of the billionaire RnB artist and her rapper husband.

While commenting on the latest cover of the Vogue magazine, Shadaya said Asap was playing second fiddle to Rihanna in their marriage, an analysis that did not go down well with the American celebrity community.

“The emasculation of men continues…you can already tell who the man is in this relationship…that dude about to be a proud mother of 2,” Shadaya said on Twitter.

Vogue’s cover, pictured Rihanna walking in front while holding her husband’s hand who in turn is carrying their nine month-old baby.

According to Shadaya, in any context, men should take the lead and be the head of the family while women should play the moderate role in a marriage or relationship.

Joey Santolini, an American drag queen, musician, and reality television personality from Washington, D.C, better known by his stage name Tatianna, took a swipe at Shadaya over his profile picture.

“I know you are not talking about masculinity…in your pastel Sunday best,” Tatianna said.

Another celebrity, Corey Lemonier, a former American football outside linebacker, leaped to the defense of the rappers while applauding him for being a role model to other men.

“ASAP being a great father and partner is a lot more masculine than someone judging another man’s masculinity,” Lemonier said.

Kevin Bennett, an American rapper, singer, producer, songwriter and professional wrestler quarried Shadaya’s sentiments saying the move by ASAP was commendable.

“Emasculation of men? He’s loving on his child and supporting his wife. Nothing wrong with this  image,”  Bennett said.