The New Mr Gold: Scott Sakupwanya finally makes appearance in Gold Mafia investigation

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 By Staff Reporter 

ZANU PF’s flamboyant parliamentary candidate for Mabvuku Scott Sakupwanya, well known for his involvement in gold mining and production, appeared Friday in Al Jazeera’s final episode of the Gold Mafia.

He owns Better Brands Jewellery, a huge exporter of gold, although its operations have been shrouded in controversy.

Sakupwanya, who has publicly shared images of himself seated on gold bars, showing off stakes of US dollars and at times sleeping on them was described as the new Mr. Gold by central figure Prophet Uebert Angel.

According to Angel, Sakupwanya has replaced his former employer Ewan Macmillan, a close ally of President Emmerson Mnangagwa as Zimbabwe’s number one gold dealer.

Angel more or less gave Al Jazeera’s investigative reporters an all-access pass into Zimbabwe’s gold dealings reaching up to the presidency.

“You know this guy here, here is one of my guys, he is the biggest gold guy in Zimbabwe. He is in his house sleeping on five million US dollars.

“This guy used to clean Macmillan’s cars, Macmillan was the one this guy used to work for.

“Macmillan does not control nothing. This was his worker cleaning his car, he is the number one now in Zimbabwe, Scott is number one,” Angel told Al Jazeera’s investigative unit posing as Chinese criminals before calling Sakupwanya to organise a deal between them.

Sakupwanya promises a 10% cut for the undercover Al Jazeera team if they invest in his company.