Zanu-PF youth boss reads riot act on mine and farm grabbers

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By Staff Reporter

Zanu-PF youth league leader Tinoda Machakaire has strongly warned youths from invading or grabbing mines illegally.

Machakaire who is also the current Deputy Minister of Youth, Sport, Art, and Recreation condemned violence in the mining pits which is caused by machete-wielding gangs that are terrorising small-scale miners and communities around the country.

He said such actions are against Zanu-PF’s ethos.

Machakaire made the comments during the Midlands province youth inter-district meeting last week.

“The Midlands youth chairperson has highlighted that we have some various challenges as the youths. We are going to look into those problems. I know as youths we want to be involved in mining, we want to have mines. We don’t condone lawlessness; We don’t want to hear that you have illegally grabbed or invaded mines,” Machakaire said.

“The President has said when you are having challenges in properly registering mines you must seek assistance. Zanu-PF is not going to condone lawlessness. The party is not in support of youths who will illegally grab mines. The party is not in support of the youths who are going to use machetes to grab or invade mines. We want law and order to prevail. The President has warned such malcontents,” he said.

He added, the party and government have also lined up programs for youths to have mines before he added, “the acquisitions must be done legally.”

“We have farming programs for youths. We are pushing for the youths to have their own farms. But these farms must be acquired lawfully,” he said.