Zimbabwe needs to be governed by multiple parties to progress, says opposition leader Valerio

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By Staff Reporter 

UNITED Zimbabwe Alliance (UZA) president Elisabeth Valerio believes there is need to have multiple parties in government as opposed to a single party governing for Zimbabwe to prosper.

Speaking to journalists in Kwekwe recently, Valerio said Zanu PF’s stranglehold on power has been counterproductive for the nation.

“People have failed in their different areas in government. What we are saying is Zimbabwe choose better leaders, they are your voice they are the ones that activate policies. We are the first political; party to say a government is normally comprised of multiple political parties,” Valerio said.

“It is difficult to say only one political party will govern, let’s sit down and talk about what’s best for the people, we are the first party to say, lets engage the citizens other parties came after us.

“We were formed in 2021 and we said citizen e engagement is our ideology, others are now saying that is a good thing. If as a political party you have the influence to change the narrative of your country. We also want now to see people we are proud of our country that’s why we are saying lets be united in building our country. We have been doing that even before we are in government, we are not waiting to be in power we are working to building our country,” she said.

She said while Zimbabwe has generally been a politically volatile country, since UZA entered the political landscape in 2021 there is now more citizen engagement and emphasis on non-violence amongst political parties.

“As UZA the narrative we have shared for Zimbabwe is already changing the space. There used to be a very volatile environment. Politics in Zimbabwe it was about attacking each other. We are one of the first parties which said we want a politically plural Zimbabwe. We don’t want to fight,” Valerio said.

Valerio, who is a biochemist by profession, is the only female so far to announce that she will run for presidency in this year’s election.

She said her party will soon be launching its manifesto.

“This manifesto has been shaped through citizen engagement. We are sitting on the table with individuals from all aspects of our society; we are asking them their views. After a year now we are clearly informed,” she said.

She added that once elected in power UZA will relook the issue of land.

“They will always be conflict in our country because the manner in which land was distributed was not necessarily handled in a best way. It’s a process that we have to go through a review. What we want is to make sure that it’s a fair process for all Zimbabweans and it’s handled in a responsible way,” she said.