Zimbabwe ranked the world’s fourth unhappiest country in the world

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By Staff Reporter  

ZIMBABWE has been ranked in position 134 out of 137 nations according to the latest World Happiness Report.

The World Happiness Report revealed the official ranking of the happiest to least countries globally, listing 137 nations in their results.

Unsurprisingly Zimbabwe did not fare well on the latest edition of the annual World Happiness Report which is compiled using statistical analysis to take into account factors such as gross domestic product per capita, social support, life expectancy, freedom to make one’s own life choices, generosity of the general population and perceptions of the level of corruption in the society.

Zimbabwe ranked 134th is close to the bottom end of the rankings alongside Afghanistan in last place (137th), with Lebanon (136th), Sierra Leone (135th) and the Democratic Republic of Congo (133rd) just ahead of it.

European countries dominated the top twenty positions on the list, with fifteen.

Finland was declared the happiest country in the world, for the sixth consecutive year in the annual World Happiness Report, with Denmark, Iceland, Israel and the Netherlands rounding out the top five for 2023. New Zealand ranked 10th and Australia came in 12th.

The United Kingdom scraped into the top twenty in 19th place, beating out Lithuania.

Non-European countries in this top twenty included Israel (fourth), New Zealand (tenth), Australia (12th), Canada (13th), and United States (15th).

It’s been over ten years since the first World Happiness Report was published, as well as it being exactly ten years since the United Nations General Assembly adopted Resolution 66/281, officially announcing March 20 to be observed as International Day of Happiness.