Zimbabwean nanny ‘was not fired for having a glass of wine with Boris Johnson’

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By Genevieve Holl-Allen | The Telegraph

BORIS and Carrie Johnson have denied claims made by their former nanny that she was fired after having a glass of wine with the ex-prime minister.

Theresa Dawes, 59, said that she was let go after three days in the role when Mrs Johnson gave her 15 minutes to pack her bags and leave.

The woman, from Zimbabwe, is now considering legal action against the Johnsons, as she alleges that she is owed thousands of pounds for an agreed three-month contract, along with severance pay.

Ms Dawes said that the dismissal came after she was invited by Mr Johnson to join him for a glass of rose to toast the arrival of the new baby, Frank Alfred Odysseus, born on July 5.

She said that Mrs Johnson was still recovering in hospital at the time, but she sacked her when she returned home.

Theresa Dawes said Mr Johnson offered her a glass of wine to celebrate the birth of his son CREDIT: MIRROR






















A spokesman for the Johnsons told the Mirror, which first reported Ms Dawes’ claims, that the account is “totally untrue”.

“It is disappointing to see someone who sought a position of trust abuse it to create a completely false story for financial gain.”

Ms Dawes said that the alleged series of events was “a complete nightmare”.

She told the Mirror: “I don’t know if she felt threatened. I don’t know what she was thinking.

“I was looking forward to helping out a family with their new arrival but I got caught in the middle of something else.

“I’d only been there for three days and I didn’t even get to hold the baby. I wish I’d never got involved with them, it’s been a complete nightmare. To be fair, it was quite a nice rosé but it definitely wasn’t worth it.

“It was a lovely, hot day and when Boris got home he went out onto the terrace and opened a bottle of wine. He asked me to join him, to toast baby Frank and to give me a report on Carrie and the baby, how they were doing, when they were coming home, that sort of thing.

Ms Dawes believes that they were seen by Carrie’s mum, Josephine.

‘Out of my control’

She had previously told Mrs Johnson during their first conversation that a former employer had celebrated the downfall of her husband in the aftermath of the partygate scandal.

“[Mrs Johnson] told me she didn’t think it was working and that we didn’t gel.

“She said she didn’t like the comments I’d made about her husband, when I’d told her about the other family that didn’t like him. I think that was an excuse. If she didn’t like it, why didn’t she do something two weeks earlier?”

Mr Johnson allegedly told her that his wife was “hormonal” adding: “It’s out of my control.”

The agency did not respond to the Mirror’s requests for comment.