Zimbabwe’s Justice, Peace Commission urged to engage stakeholders in fostering peace

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By ACI Africa

In a Thursday, May 11 report following a strategic planning workshop held in Zimbabwe’s capital city, Harare, to guide 2023-2027 operations, Dr. Wedzerai Mhemachena, one of the participants in the workshop says that as the country nears elections, “peace promotion is everyone’s responsibility and all stakeholders must be involved.”

“Involvement of the youth, women, and people with disabilities is critical in CCJPZ work, in defending human rights and in promoting justice and peace,” Dr. Mhemachena has been quoted as saying, adding, “Social, economic and political inclusion is key in ensuring peace, justice and social cohesion in every community.”

He urges CCJPZ Coordinators to engage not only in civic education but also in peace promotion activities directed to “every corner of the country” so as to make the commission more vibrant.

In their workshop, officials of the entity of the Zimbabwe Catholic Bishops’ Conference (ZCBC) planned how to handle the upcoming national harmonized elections “and to ensure that peace and justice prevail before, during, and after elections.”

In the report, CCJPZ officials say that embracing stakeholders indiscriminately is part of the efforts to “create peace and to fight political violence at all levels.”

During the workshop, CCJPZ officials are also said to have encouraged “the swift exchange of up-to-date and correct information between the Dioceses and the national office.”

There is political tension in Zimbabwe ahead of the country’s general elections to be held “by July” this year.

“Fears are growing in Zimbabwe of another disputed poll, considering the ongoing political violence and a clampdown on the opposition,” The EastAfrican reported in February.