ZMF distances Rushwaya from circulating “Gold Mafia” documentary audio

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By Alois Vinga

THE Zimbabwe Miners Federation (ZMF) has distanced its president, Henrietta Rushwaya from an audio circulating on social media platforms disguised as a response to the recently screened AL Jazeera “Gold Mafia” documentary.

The miners’ group leader made headlines this week after the documentary premiered telephone conversations in which Prophet Uebert Angel alleged to be talking to Rushwaya during a meeting with criminals posing as buyers.

Shortly after the documentary’s screening, another audio circulating on social media alleged to have originated from Rushwaya carries a female voice dismissing citizens’ complaints on the controversies brewed by the documentary.

“Zimbabweans I want you to know one thing. All the miners sell their gold to Fidelity Printers and Refineries. So do you expect us to store the gold like dry vegetables when it gets to FPR? Right now Zimbabwe is under sanctions and we have no access to international markets. How do we sell the gold?

“Remember gold is not like tomatoes which are taken to a vendor’s stall. No. It is bought by wealthy people from Dubai. Talk of the projects being implemented by the government, where do you think all that money is coming from?

“Zimbabweans don’t be silly. You are being used by the West. After all its CCC which has begged for the sanctions to stay in place but today you are down speaking the efforts being made for the nation to survive,” the alleged audio said.

But in a statement ZMF official Wellington Takavarasha dismissed the circulating audio saying it did not originate from the organisation’s leader.

“The ZMF Executive and Management Board is hereby denouncing audio circulation on social media platforms purporting to be that of The ZMF President Henrietta Rushwaya. The audio is meant to tarnish the image of the ZMF President and that of the organisation.

“The ZMF Constitution article 12.1.2 precludes its leadership from actively participating in politics. The ZMF is an apolitical organisation and you’re advised to disregard that fake, malicious and mischievous audio,” the organisation said.