Hwange Man (37) Arrested For Raping Sisters Aged 3, 9, 11

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By Matabeleland North Correspondent

HWANGE: Police here have arrested a 37-year-old man who allegedly turned a TV room into a sex haven for raping three siblings aged 11, nine and three years on separate occasions.

The little girls did not tell anyone about the abuse until December 31 when their mother noticed some unusual behaviour among them before alerting the police.

Vengai Mutsambiwa of Nkolongwe Village Chief Nekatambe had visited his uncle who shares a house with the victims’ parents in Ingagula suburb, Hwange town when he allegedly turned into a villain.

He committed the crimes in the victims’ parents’ sitting room where he would also sit to watch TV with the victims.

According to a report made to the police, Mutsambiwa would sexually abuse the juveniles in the lounge while watching TV in the absence of other family members who had retired to bed.

He is expected to appear in court charged with three counts of rape.

“Sometime last year Mutsambiwa visited his uncle in Hwange. On some dates, the complainants cannot remember, the complainants were watching TV in the sitting room when the accused locked the door and closed all windows and curtains,” the police charge sheet reads.

“The accused advanced towards the eldest victim who was sitting on a sofa and pushed her to the floor and she lay on her back facing upwards. He raped her once.”

Mutsambiwa allegedly raped the nine-year-old victim in the same manner on a separate night as they were watching TV.

The other family members and girls’ parents had gone to sleep.

Mutsambiwa allegedly also raped the three-year-old girl on a separate night in the lounge as they watched TV.

The offence came to light on December 31 when the complainant’s mother suspected Mutsambiwa may have sexually abused the little girls after she noticed their unusual behaviour.

She alerted the police who referred the girls to hospital where it was established they had been sexually abused leading to Mutsambiwa’s arrest.