Hypocrite! Social media drags Holy Ten after ‘Ibotso’ performance

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By Darlington Gatsi

HIP HOP artist Holy Ten was dressed down by social media users after a video of the crooner performing Winky D’s track ‘Ibotso’ in South Africa emerged.

Holy Ten is currently on a musical tour in the neighbouring country where he is promoting his album ‘Book of Malachi’.

In the video Holy Ten could be seen performing ‘Ibotso’ in front of a paltry crowd in South Africa.

This comes after the rapper claimed Zimdancehall kingpin Winky D tricked him into the collaboration after the song rattled Zanu PF supporters in January.

After developing cold feet Holy Ten disassociated himself from the collaboration, before chastising Winky D on numerous occasions calling him a ‘snake’.

“This is pure evidence that Holy Ten was forced by fear of ZanuPf to publicly ‘regret’ featuring in Winky D’s Ibotso hit song that criticizes corruption in Zimbabwe.

“Truth is Holy Ten doesn’t regret featuring in the Eureka album otherwise he wouldn’t be performing that song live three (3) months later. Zimbabweans love that song & Zanu Pf hates that song because they are corrupt,” said CCC’s Makomborero Haruzivishe in a tweet.

‘Ibotso’ – taken from Winky D’s album ‘Eureka Eureka’ – is a social commentary which depicts the impacts of corruption and poverty.

The self-proclaimed leader of the youth, Holy Ten, after chickening out said he does not dabble in politics as the song continued to raffle feathers of the regime.

Other Social media users accused Holy Ten of being a hypocrite.

“Holy Ten was performing Ibotso vanotora zvevapfupi nekureba yesterday in East London SA ndopaunoona kuti zvaaitaura paye disowning Winky D aityiswa neZanu bcos angobuda munyika ndoyaanoimba. So, who is fooling who,” tweeted one Sherphard Yuda.