‘I Am An MDC-A Supporter’ – Confirms Jonathan Moyo

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By Staff Reporter

EXILED former Zanu PF Politburo member, Jonathan Moyo, has confirmed that he is an MDC – Alliance supporter with a right to support a candidate of his choice in an election.

In tweets he posted following media reports that he and other former Zanu PF G40 members, bankrolled MDC President Nelson Chamisa’s presidential election campaign in 2018, Moyo confirmed flighting some advertisements on behalf of the MDC – Alliance, but only as an ordinary party supporter.

“It’s dead propaganda to say “the G40” funded MDC-A. Fact is @EdmundKudzayi, @PatrickZhuwao & me CREATED & FUNDED OUR SUPPORT for the MDC-A like this ad put in the @DailyNewsZim & @NewsDayZimbabwe,” Moyo twitted.

Edmund Kudzayi is a former Editor of the State-owned Sunday Mail and ally of Moyo while Patrick Zhuwao is a former Cabinet minister and G40 member who is also in self-exile.

“Another example of the content we created & flighted using our own resources is the YouTube video ad below. We did it not as MDC-A consultants nor its members, which we are not & have not sought to be, but as MDC-A SUPPORTERS with a right to support our choice in an election.

“Yet another example of the content we put together to support the #MDC-A & @nelsonchamisa against #ZanuPF & @edmnangagwa is the video ad below, that we did for airing on ZBC-TV. So we did not bankroll the MDC-A election campaign but we bankrolled our support for the MDC-A!”

“In Zimbabwe some crackpot parties, political upstarts, illiterates, pundits & internet trolls do not understand the basic political & electoral tenet that in an election, it’s the voters who choose the candidate & not the candidate who chooses the voters!” Moyo said.

However, Chamisa lost the presidential election to Zanu PF candidate Emmerson Mnangagwa by a small margin. The main opposition leader has since not accepted the results claiming the poll was rigged by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) on behalf of Mnangagwa.