“I do not date young Women”- Temba Mliswa

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By Stephen Tsamba

INDEPENDENT Norton MP Themba Mliswa says he has no appetite for women below 35.

He said this while responding to an accusation on social media that he impregnated a 24-year-old university student who claims to be pregnant with his four-week-old baby.

azy Ndlovu, a Zanu PF supporter, over the weekend accused Mliswa of impregnating a 24-year-old student by the name of Ngoni Munene.

“Member of Parliament for Norton Temba Mliswa has impregnated a 24-year-old university student Ngoni Munene who claims she has a four-week-old baby now,” Ndlovu said on Twitter.

Mliswa wrote back to Ndlovu saying that he does not date women who are younger than his daughters. He also said that unless it was someone with a face mask, it was not him and the girl is out of his usual mode of operation.

“I don’t even date anyone that young. I only deal with and prefer those between 35-40 years. Even more, I prefer M1, M2, and so on. Unless it was someone with a face mask that wouldn’t be me. The girl is outside my preferred modus operandi,” Mliswa said.

“I would not be averse to having a 20th child and if she wants me to assist by adopting the baby, she can bring it. I once had a public HIV test after another lie of me infecting another young girl and the story, like this one, was hogwash”

He also said that out of his 19 children, only six are boys and the rest are girls and his dignity requires him to date adult women, not young girls.

“As a father, I have my own set principles and they dictate that I don’t date anyone the age of my own daughters. I’m a father of 19 with only six boys and the rest are girls. My dignity requires that I date mature adult women, not young girls,” he said