I wanted hyena, antbear parts, vulture skull for anointing as prophet— man tells court

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By James Muonwa l Mashonaland West Correspondent

A MUTORASHANGA man, who envies the domineering power of latter-day prophets, got himself in trouble after he was found in possession of parts of a hyena and an antbear, as well as the skull of a vulture stashed in a satchel.

A local court heard that Victor Amoni (28) of Mutorashanga and Wilson Bashiru (26) were at Makuti Hotel, where they were intercepted by police officers working together with members of the International Anti-Poaching Foundation.

The law enforcement agents identified themselves to the pair before hauling accused persons to Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) Makuti where a search of a satchel they were carrying was conducted.

Inside the bag were various articles, including the nose of a hyena and tail, trotters and nose of an aardvark, commonly known as antbear.

Also contained in the satchel was a vulture skull.

The pair was asked to produce a permit or licence authorising them to be in possession of various wildlife parts, but failed to do so.

Amoni was sentenced to 12 months imprisonment, before three months were set aside on condition of good behaviour.

Another nine months were suspended on condition he performs 315 hours community service at Dariston Farm Secondary School, Mutorashanga.

He was also ordered to compensate Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Authority (ZimParks) US$4 000.

In mitigation court considered Amoni was a first offender and the sole breadwinner working as a headboy who fends for his grandmother and earns little.

When accused was asked by the court what he wanted to use the animal parts for, he claimed one Karo had asked him to bring the parts so that he could be anointed to become a prophet.