I Will Fight On, Declares Makomborero Haruzivishe

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By Thandiwe Garusa

MDC Alliance activist Makomborero Haruzivishe says he will not be deterred by the state’s political persecution and has vowed to continue fighting against civil and political injustice.

Addressing party supporters and activists who had come to welcome him from prison Saturday, Haruzivishe said he will not stop fighting for freedom.

Haruzivishe had spent ten months and 22 days in prison on several criminal charges.

“As long as they continue charging us on flimsy charges we will not be deterred and prison is just prison, people go in and go out and even if it means that I will go back again I will as long as we get our rights and freedoms,” Haruzivishe said.

“We know that it is not an easy road and great sacrifices will be made, others have made bigger sacrifices, others have paid the ultimate price, we can talk of Itai Dzamara and all those victims of ferret,” he added.

“The charges I got in here for are constitutionally guaranteed freedom of assembly and freedom of expression and they try to criminalize that, it is awkward but only serves to strengthen me more that they wanted to scare me away and we are the people in charge and victory is certain.”

“State capture is a reality, getting into prison for this prolonged period enabled me to see that we have a bigger fight that what we imagined especially within our justice system we have a bigger fight, and we have to pull up our socks and be more radical in terms of educating the masses for them to know the problem that we have which chiefly emanates from military capture.”