Ian Khama Slams ‘Toothless’ SADC, AU Over Zim crisis

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By Alois Vinga

FORMER Botswana leader, Ian Khama has slammed Africa’s regional and continental blocs for failing to resolve the Zimbabwean crisis and has called on the organs to prioritise the plight of Zimbabwean people.

Speaking in an exclusive interview on Botswana’s Duma FM, the former Botswana number one said organs like the Southern African Development Community (SADC) and African Union (AU) have let down the people of Zimbabwe for too long.

“Most of the time presidents at the SADC and AU hold meetings just to look politically correct. They focus on issues like conduct of elections and protocols on democracy,” said Khama.

“They just go home after that and it is business as usual.”

He said some of the presidents he interacted with over such conduct during his tenure personally felt that such conduct has been going on for too long in Zimbabwe at the expense of regional and continental development.

“When organisations and people who have heard about themes like ‘African solutions for African problems’ ask about what solutions have been done for Zimbabwe they see a zero with nothing to show. That is why we are where we are today,” he said.

Khama called on the organs to be proactive and serious in their involvement through implementation of clear cut policies.

He said the Zimbabwean government must be ordered to conform to the set rules even though Zimbabwe is a sovereign state in order to avoid dire consequences in the region.

The former Botswana leader accused the Zanu PF-led government of immortalising the oppressive rule of former colonial leader, Ian Smith.

“We were together during the war of liberation and the objective was to bring about an end to oppression and minority rule and independence of that nation. People fought for freedom not to replace one oppressor by another oppressor.

“Whatever colour the oppressor is, he or she still remains an oppressor,” added Khama.

He went on to urge collective effort to resolve the Zimbabwean crisis since the entire SADC region will also feel the impact of the burden in Zimbabwe.