Ice cream vendors barred from ZITF for wearing yellow company uniforms

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By Lisa Nyanhongo

ICE Cream vendors who had hoped to cash in on the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair’s (ZITF) last day Saturday, were denied entry into the Bulawayo exhibition park for wearing yellow uniforms, has learnt.

Great Flavours ice cream men, who wear yellow and green uniforms, were forced to remove their hats and jackets by police before being allowed entry

Yellow is opposition Citizens Coalition for Change’s (CCC) colour and has been banned in parliament while the Harare city council tried to follow suit in vain.

However, the Great Flavours uniforms did not bear the CCC logo.

“Another trade fair gem, ice cream vendors with yellow jackets and hats had to take them off to go into the trade fair grounds,” said Bulawayo central MP Nicola Watson.

“The toxicity from Zanu PF to CCC is hindering so much and yellow is a banned colour.”

The CCC was formed in February as a new party after a protracted fight for the MDC Alliance which leader Nelson Chamisa eventually gave up to Mwonzora.

Chamisa then went on to trounce both Mwonzora and Zanu PF at the March 26 by-elections.