Idi Amin recalled as Ugandan plays in Hre

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RENOWNED Ugandan theatre production powerhouse, Silent Voices, is bringing two plays titled Blood and Holy Maria for the first time to Harare.
Silent Voices is popularly described by Ugandans as ‘the spiritual rebirth of Ugandan theatre’ since its decline in the 1970s due to political persecution of artists by Idi Amin.
Directed by playwright Adong Lucy Judith and produced by Rooftop Promotions producer Daves Guzha, the plays will run from 25th to the 28th of October at Theatre in the Park in the lush green Harare Gardens. 
Guzha said, “We believe this will open our audiences to a different style of theatre.”
In a statement, Judith, said these cross-border performances on the continent begin their first African Theatre tour.
“Blood and Holy Maria, which together, span for an hour, are a fine marriage of music, dance motifs and great acting,” she said.
“Like all our productions including (Right Song, Wrong C(h) ord” (2016), which showcased at the Silicon Valley Film Festival, California on 30th September 2017, “Ga-AD!” (2016), Silent Voices (2015), and Dwon Ma Peke, (2015) about the LRA War in Northern Uganda, Blood and Holy Maria are also geared at driving social change and sparking off conversation on often fretted discussions in Africa,” added Judith.Advertisement