Ikonnect Kadoma a sanctuary of hope for Kadoma’s vulnerable

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By William Milasi

A Kadoma based philanthropic organisation Ikonnect Kadoma is providing a sanctuary of hope for the vulnerable in Kadoma.

The Rimuka based foundation was established by Jennifer Chimboza), Jonathan Huni and Rodrick Kamudyariwa in 2019 to uplift lives of people in Rimuka.

However, according to Ikonnect’s Personal Development Coach, Mentor and Coordinator Donald Gavaza the organisation has since transcended Rimuka into the broader Kadoma community.

“The organisation was founded by people who were born and bred in Rimuka but never forgot their roots. Despite being exposed to the developed world they never forgot their roots hence the formation of the trust with the sole aim of giving back to the community,” he said.

The organisation which started operating in 2020 when the world was engulfed in the throes of the deadly Covid-19 pandemic hit the ground running by providing relief to the vulnerable in the form of groceries and other necessities.

According to Gavaza the organisation is operating in a community which is grappling with gender based violence, drug abuse, rape, mental health issues and post traumatic disorders.

“As an organisation we realised that people are faced with various challenges but do not have information on how to tackle the challenges which they might be experiencing. As an organisation we try to bridge the gap by providing the necessary information on where and how they can get assistance. We connect people to the right offices and personnel for assistance,” he said.

In addition, the organisation is providing life skills to the youths so as to inculcate values such as commitment, dedication, accountability, and discipline through various programmes.

Gavaza said one such program Mubako is designed to bring out artistic creativity in youths.

“This is an initiative meant to bring youths together especially those in the arts sector that is music. So we introduce a theme and engage studios to come up with a bit were youths who can sing are invited to come up with their songs. Once an artist is recorded we encourage them to push their music especially on digital platforms. This is a way of having youths who are innovative and being able to work and turn their art into a business venture. After a week an artist with the highest number of views and engagement is given a prize as a way of motivating them,” he said.

Another program run by the organisation is called the Oxygen team.

He added: “This was a post covid-19 initiative. This is a therapeutic exercise which is characterised by gardening as a way of addressing trauma and depression. The Oxygen Team is a way of giving hope to the people after the Covid-19 traumatic experiences”.

Ikonnect also runs the soft toy making program where youths are taught how to make dolls; this initiative is aimed at addressing issues such as rape, suicide and mental health challenges.

As a way of connecting with the youths the organisation also runs an art exhibition which promotes youths artistic expression.

“We are planning to have an art exhibition in Rimuka, we are partnering schools on this exhibition. The art exhibition is to raise awareness on issues of drug abuse, child marriages and teenage pregnancies,” he said.

The organisation’s impact is felt in the community through its philanthropic activities such as supporting school children with tuition, stationery and uniforms.