‘I’m your wife’s favourite’ – cheeky Baba Harare tells Zanu PF activist angered by his youths voter registration appeal

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By Staff Reporter

JIT music star, Baba Harare has lashed out at Zanu PF activist Kudzai Mutisi, who has been on his case for encouraging youths to register, arguing the attacks are not centred on elections but the fact that the ruling party supporter’s wife loves his music.

The usually reserved Baba Harare took to Twitter last week encouraging youths to register in a move that got the attention of Mutisi and other Zanu PF officials, such as the controversial Tafadzwa Mugwadi.

“A useful message to the youth would be participation in deciding your future through #RegisterToVoteZW toxic positivity yokunzi work harder with people connected to the hilt taabhoo,” Baba Harare had said.

“Voter registration is non-partisan. It’s my birth right as a Zimbabwean. I should not be a struggling musician if we had a functioning music industry,” he added in response to shadowy Zanu PF activist Nicole Hondo.

The Masvingo born artist, known for his sexual dances and sexually suggestive lyrics, is widely regarded as a top draw performer by most women who flood his shows.

He joins a host of other artists who have taken an active role in issues affecting society such as social services, politics and the behaviour of public officials.

Dancehall chanters Seh Calaz and Ricky Fire are some of those who have faced the same response after sharing similar sentiments. Ricky Fire has gone on to perform at opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) rallies alongside Tryson Chimbetu.