Inauguration simply a robber’s party!

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MANY a time, robbers have been known to throw parties after amassing big loot and getting away with huge amounts of cash. This is the scenario Zimbabwe is witnessing today. A motley group of robbers who stole an entire generation’s future are throwing a party that is as big as their theft.
There is a similar story in the Bible. The story in the book of Genesis, chapter 27, of a crooked woman called Rebecca who conspired with her beloved son, Jacob to dupe Isaac to give blessings to Jacob instead of the deserving son, Essau.
At the national stadium in Harare on Thursday, a kleptocratic son will be blessed and ordained instead of the deserving one from whom victory was stolen in broad daylight! 
But Isaac later discovers that he had blessed the wrong, ambitious and undeserving son simply because the errant son had managed to “Nikuv” his way to his trust. “Your brother came with deceit and has taken away your blessing,” an angry Isaac says. (Genesis 27, vs 35)
So this means the story of deceit and the wrong guy getting the blessings is as old as time itself. We all know what happened in the July 31 election. Zimbabweans know who won it but was duped by the Jacob of our time.
If the legal route had not become a charade, we intended to expose the fallacy of the so-called election, but the Constitutional Court ruled out witnesses before making a determination on a case that had been withdrawn.
We had 17 grounds on which we wanted to expose this monumental fraud. Naison Kurima, the headman of Kurima village in Mudzi North in Mashonaland east, was suspended, with two other village heads on August 8.
They were suspended by acting chief Mukota, Rockie Tsuro, for not providing the headman with names of MDC members in their villages. They were accused of not instructing their subjects to vote for Zanu PF, disregarding the instructions of the chief to village heads to tell their subjects to vote for Zanu PF.
In Mashonaland Central province in Muzarabani North, there was a polling station at the homestead of headman Chadereka. The polling station, which was near Kanyaya School, was manned by unaccredited officers. They all had no identification and the presiding officer even refused to identify himself to JOMIC officers.
Vice President Mujuru appeared on national television urging village heads to lead their subjects to the polling stations to vote for Zanu PF.Advertisement

Mr Gatsi, a Woodork teacher at Marymount secondary school in Rushinga and Mr Zondo, the chairperson of the School Development Committee, were assisted to vote in probably the first election where even headmasters and nurses were forced to plead illiteracy so they could be assisted to vote for Zanu PF.
Todaiwa Mudede would have been cross-examined in court on the payment of $10,575 million to Nikuv and what services the suspicious company had offered to government to deserve such an amount which is equivalent to constructing 10 provincial hospitals in the country’s administrative provinces.
We also saw unprecedented State media bias towards Zanu PF in the last fraud that was disguised as an election. The MDC’s television advertisements that were sent to the ZBC were first given to Zanu PF to prepare and develop counter-advertisements before they were shown on TV.
Impeccable sources at the ZBC who cannot be named, said the initial advertisement urging the nation to “move to more” was onlyflighted after it was given to the Zanu PF spin doctors led by politburo member, Professor Jonathan Moyo, who prepared a counter advertisement.
The MDC advert was only flighted after Zanu PF had developed a counter advertisement, which was shown immediately after the MDC advert. The advertisement featuring the MDC President and his wife was never shown on TV, despite being paid for after it was approved by the state broadcaster itself.
The Zanu PF campaign team led by Prof Moyo said the advertisement was too good to be shown on TV and was therefore never flighted, with no reason being given.
The State media remained overtly biased in favour of Zanu PF. Resolutions of SADC to reform the public media were never complied with and even the AU observer mission, in its report of 25 July 2013, noted the shameless bias, particularly of the ZBC.
The AU observer mission report noted that the AU charter on democracy, elections and governance (2007) stipulates the principle of fair and equitable access by contesting parties and candidates to the public media.
The report says despite provisions in section 61 and 62 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe, several organisations and bodies had raised concerns about the application of legal instruments related to communicative freedoms.
The observer mission noted “politically inclined coverage” in the Zimbabwean media.
“The mission’s emphasis, however, is on the function of the State broadcaster which has a central role in elections in terms of the AU charter (2007), to provide a platform airing political messages or news coverage emanating from all political contestants,” reads the AU observer mission report.
“The Long Term Observer Mission notes that the national broadcaster has tended to provide live and in-depth coverage largely to a single political party.”
In short, what is being celebrated using state funds is a gigantic fraud. It is Jacob celebrating Essau’s blessings that  he received through deception and chicanery. But God is not a fool.
Luke Tamborinyoka is the spokesperson to Morgan tsvangirai. He writes in his personal capacity. He can be contacted at